About Us

At the moment...

...we're in New Zealand, hiking Te Araroa! It is amazaing!

Who we are


Hi I'm Eline, the driving force behind this completely 'ukiwaki' expedition.

It was my idea to walk 3000 km for fun and am looking forward to this new experience.
Sebastian just wanted to get away from the Netherlands, so I thought, oke, let's go back to New Zealand.
My last visit was 10 years ago, and this felt like a good moment for a change in life and to return for another epic adventure.

I'm an artist of the most versatile kind and aspire to give our journey some extra color by painting what we see and experience while being on the TA trail.

I'm actually a very shy and extremely intelligent and lovable person. and a little weird. and beautiful too.
Also, I like making a mess and am most happy when I get to eat pancakes, drink bonomel and do my balou dance.
It also fills me with joy when I get to point out to Seba he is walking in the wrong direction. again. 

(As long as she doesn't take the time to write her own bio I (Seba) take full right to write down my version of it.)


Hey I'm Sebastian, loyal companion of Eline on this journey through a land of wonders. (and mud)

I've got a lot of energy and ideas and am primarily focused on either chasing dreams or my own tail.
Sometimes society and the busy modern world can be stressful and overwhelming for me, so it's time to slow down to natures pace and rhythm and just enjoy the bare necessities of life. 

Back in the days I traveled around Europe a lot, and after settling down with Eline for a couple of years I'm really looking forward to be back on the road again!

I want to make a movie of this trip, so will be dividing my time between filming and photography, hiking and taking care of Eline and Izzy.

If you can´t find me walking around juggling or filming stuff, the best place to look is under a tree or in a hammock, devoted to some good quality non-lucid meditative breath control practices. Probably with eyes closed. 


woeeh wroof waf waf grrr wraf!
growl grr wraf waaaf aaawhoooeee
ahwoof wraf  grrs woonk wraff grwroof


Whelloo, I'm Izzy, traveling the world with my two humans!
I'm very fluff and basically just like everyone and everything!

Hope to see you out there some day, so we can go play! yeah!



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