Elines Art

Elines creative work

Hi and welcome to the artistic part of the Ukiwaki website!

When I'm not hiking I like to spend my time by finding some solitude and capturing my surroundings in paintings or drawings.

It makes me feel at ease and helps me to look at the world from a different perspective.
There is so much more to see when you really focus on what is all out there!

*Update: On the trail I'll make sketches of the surroundings. These may be worked out as watercolor paintings later. The artwork is not in sync with the blog posts, because it takes me a little longer to make the watercolor works and I don't want to rush it too much.

Because I am more focussed on creating the artwork I will not post (m)any written stories and will leave it to Seba to translate all of our experiences into written word.

I hope you will enjoy my creations! 


* In the description if the NZ art images you can find the GPS coordinates of where I approximately was at the moment of created the artwork. Just copy them and paste them in the google maps search field.*

Down below you can see all the things I've created while traveling through New Zealand. Enjoy!

Here are some examples of aquarelle paintings I made on our earlier hikes.