While preparing for the trail I've come across various useful files and other things uploaded by different people.
I've made a list of all the files and links to download them for current and future hikers.
I hope this helps you all with the extensive preparations for the trail.

All the best and happy hiking!

Update: we have been on the trail for 20 days now, and so far we mainly used the BackCountryNavigator app with both my map (topo 250) and Noams map (topo 50) installed, Leahs pdf maps and the Te Araroa trust trail notes. Works perfect, especially Noams map!

Trail notes blanco map in excel format.

We made this one ourselves and used it to write down the most important things on that particular section of the trail. (like warnings, big resupply options and cheap camping places etc)
The kms correspond with the kms of the 2017 Te Araroa Trust Maps.

TA track Google Earth KML file.
I'm not really sure where I got it but it sure was useful while making our personal notes.

TA Navigation Maps JPEG files. (2017, as provided by the TAT.)
I simply converted the PDF files to jpeg, taking up a lot less space.

TA track GPX file.
As found on the TAT website. (2017 version)

Getting to Cape Reinga Description. (2012)
A short Description of options to get to the Cape Reinga. (hopefully not outdated)
Uploaded by Judith Humbert, who also manages the TA 17/18 FB Group. She's an angel! 🙂 

Complete NZ Offline SQlite file for BackCountry Navigator app.
This is an offline map I made for the whole of NZ. It can be used offline in the BackCountry Navigator App.
I used the LINZ TOPO 250  map using zoom levels 6-11.
This map is to be used only for general orientation. (Highways and big towns etc)

(You can read how to install and use this on Noam's blog. Link is provided further down in the list.)

All these files can be found in my google drive. Link here

TA NZ Offline SQlitefile file for BackCountry Navigator app.
Noam Gal Made an offline map that can be used with Backcountry Navigator.
It has a lot of detail and has a 3 km buffer around the trail.
In his blog he also provides information how to install these files on Backcountry Navigator and get it all working.
He really helped me out with the creation of my TA offline map, which covers the whole of NZ and is for general orientation.
His map, however, uses the LINZ TOPO 50 map, using zoom levels 6 - 15, which has much more detail and can be used for actually finding your way.
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly celebrate Noam for helping me and probably a lot of other hikers with this amazing map!

Link here

Leah Harman took the effort of combining the maps of the TA with the TAT trail notes.
This results in good quality pdf maps with all of the most important TAT information on it.
Really useful!

(Down below is a copy of her original FB post, after she uploaded the north in jpg format. 

The current files are pdf (better quality) and cover both the north and south island.

Thanks for the amazing work Leah!

Link here

Leahs original post

*this is a copy of her original post on the TA FB group:
Hi TA fans. I have created combined map/notes from the recently published 2017 trail data. I did this by simply adding text boxes and doing a lot of cutting/pasting to the PDF map files, using Adobe Acrobat Pro. It is very laborious, so I have only finished the south island thus far, but will post more files to the folder as I complete them. I recommend converting the PDF maps to jpeg (photo files), as I personally find it easier to zoom in when viewing the files on my phone. PLEASE head these warnings...I am not a professional, I am not affiliated with the TA trust, nor do I guarantee my work. I did this for my own personal use and am sharing for those that might find it useful. I did NOT transfer ALL the information from the notes and took liberty in editing/redacting/adding to some of the notes for brevity or clarity sake. All users should still read the trail notes thoroughly, carry copies on your phone, and be responsible for your own actions. I do not take responsibility for any errors/deviations, nor your personal safety, happiness, etc should you choose to use this resource. That being said, enjoy!