Here is some more detailed information about the companies and people that were so kind to help us on our way.

Some have sponsored us a piece of equipment or gear, while others contributed with financial donations or other forms of support.

In all cases we are very grateful and can't thank you enough for assisting us in realizing this dream adventure!


These guys are golden. If you ever need proper gear for your next backpack adventure, than this is the place you want to go and get it.
They filter out all the crap there is on the market nowadays and only sell high quality stuff.
You can get expert advice and personal assistance in helping you prepare your journey.

After Elines old backpack gave out, Backpackspullen.nl helped us taking the first steps toward the start of the TA by sponsoring a brand new backpack!
We'll write an extensive review once we we have some more experience with it.

Adventure Tickets

Going on a trip and not sure how to spend your free days?
Check out this website and you'll find everything you need to make your adventure memorable!

They offer a wide selection of the most amazing activities you can do all around the planet.
And the best thing is: they have their own unique ticket system;
1. find your activity.
2. get the ticket.
3. use it whenever you want in the next 365 days, saving you all the trouble of searching, contacting companies, booking and other hassle you don't want while traveling.