Te Araroa

Te Araroa

The 'Te Araroa' is a long distance hiking trail in New Zealand.
It starts at the top of the Northern Island and takes you all the way down to the most southern point of the South Island.

Te Araroa means 'The Long Pathway' in Maori and is a combination of older tracks and walkways, new tracks and link sections alongside roads.
Tramping the full length of the trail generally takes three to six months.
It spans about 3000 km and takes you into jungles, across beaches, over mountains and through rivers.
Many parts of the trail are challenging. In these sections, trip planning, river crossing and navigation skills are recommended, as well as a good level of fitness and mental fortitude.

We will post more information about the TA soon, and will try to keep you updated while walking the trail.

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